Baseline your spatial data for accurate on-going monitoring and assessment

City-wide analysis becomes simple with us.

We’re experts in analysing the spatial attributes of natural and built environments to provide insights that help our customers make better decisions around urban planning, monitoring green strategies, and asset optimisation.

We use our GIS expertise to deliver precise, tailored solutions that combine spatial data with LiDAR derived point clouds.

Terrain Modelling

DTM/DEM for slope analysis, urban analysis, mapping volumes, water flow analysis, non-intrusive surveying.

Hydro Modelling

Hydro Enforced DEMs and Hydro Flattened DEMs for overland water flow, sheet flooding and pooling analysis.

Vegetation Analysis

Individual tree count identification, canopy coverages, stratification and height models as well as carbon storage estimates for development planning and sustainability target monitoring, Local Environmental Plans and Emergency Response/ Bushfire Analysis.

Asset Identification

Building footprints and feature identification for baselining asset locations, asset monitoring, maintenance, asset optimisation and Smart City Planning. Locate, view and optimise your assets such as bridges, culverts, drainage pits, retaining walls, concrete channels, roads and urban trees.

Data Visualisation

Imagery, coloured point clouds and classified LiDAR viewable online with our 3D portal for safe desktop surveys and simple, engaging community consultation. Extracted features, derived products and GIS Layers exported for use in local GIS system.