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Remove the guess work in projects. Informed, accurate solutions for the asset management, infrastructure and environmental industries.

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City-wide analysis becomes simple with us.

We’re experts in analysing the spatial attributes of natural and built environments to provide insights that help our customers make better decisions around urban planning, monitoring green strategies, and asset optimisation.

We use our GIS expertise to deliver precise, tailored solutions that combine spatial data analytics with LiDAR derived point clouds.

Environmental Management and Urban Planning

Improve all stages of your environmental assessments and with current spatial information.

From the very beginning of your project, baseline your data and combine multiple sources of information in one place. Enhance your environmental management, design and planning, monitoring and community consultation with consistent, accurate 2D and 3D spatial data.

Roads, Rail and Infrastructure

Pave the way for streamlined operations, more efficient ground surveys and better checks for compliance with the power of LiDAR and spatial data analytics.

Asset Management

High resolution imagery, precise Digital Terrain Models and affordable Digital Twins are changing the game for asset management.


With instant access to real information, insurers can access location specific information for underwriting, accurately pricing premiums and assessing claims.

Virtually inspect properties, conduct virtual site assessments, and gain in-depth understanding the surrounding environment with high-resolution imagery and LiDAR all in one convenient location.

Data visualisation, Management and Hosting

Get direct access to real information and make more accurate decisions with spatial data in our 3D Portal.

Bridge the gap been planning, evaluation and action by accessing the full value of spatial data in one central location. Explore before you visit and share your findings with your team in a way that's fast and meaningful. With our custom-built portal, you can combine multiple data sources to unlock new insights, with a suite of tools for measuring and querying the data.

Have your own data? We'll help you manage, visualise and interact with huge datasets on the fly.

Specialised Development, Custom Built Solutions

Facing a specific challenge? With a wealth of LiDAR expertise, an end to end custom built analytics engine, and some of the brightest problem solving minds in Australia, we're uniquely equipped to solve your data analytics challenges.