About us

“We’re working towards more sustainable global communities, one project at a time”

As a global community, a better understanding of data helps us reduce the number of resources we use, monitor assets in detail, track progress towards sustainability goals, and provide accurate figures for reporting and compliance. In each industry we explore, we apply our expertise with spatial data and work diligently to improve the practical applications of data analysis in our everyday lives. In some industries, this means working to save endangered species through habitat analysis. In others, it means saving lives by improving the rate and quality of road assessments with AI. The applications of spatial data analysis are endless, and we‘re proud to be contributing as global citizens.


History of Anditi


Pioneering the exploration of spatial data, the knowledge that can be unlocked for the good of our world, and inspired by the possibility of creating a better future with data, An-Diti was carefully created to represent our origin story: little by little, exploring space. The word Anditi was derived from Aditi, the Hindu Godess of Space, and the pre-fix an, chosen to represent a little. Aditi, the Hindu Godess of Space symbolises:

  • The one who is unbounded, unlimited and unfettered
  • The personification of the sky and space
  • The universal mother, mother of all the 330 million gods
  • Protection, forgiveness and abundance
  • The supporter, the provider of nourishment for all creatures

The Company

Anditi was created by a team of visionary engineers and programmers who shared a passion for geospatial data and solving complex real world problems. With a strong background in environmental management and assessment, the team got first hand experience with spatial data, particularly LiDAR, and quickly realised the opportunity for scale and precision analytics. Innovators and daring thinkers, they methodically discounted the current solutions on the market until they decided in favour of building their own; Anditi. To date, Anditi has worked in over 30 market sectors and continues to deliver novel and courageous projects that align with our company’s purpose. At the centre of Anditi is a team of creative, brilliant and daring people who use their collective talents for a common goal; creating more sustainable global communities.

The end goal

In our world, success doesn‘t mean coming first; it means getting more people across the line by collaborating, sharing our stories and building better futures together.

We‘re subscribers to the Global Development Goals, and we feel it’s our responsibility to use our strengths and in-depth understanding of data to continually develop new methods and solutions that help our partners better use resources and continually reduce their global footprint.

Our clients

At Anditi we love nothing better than to empower customers through precise spatial analytics. Here are just a few of the great organisations we have helped.

  • TomTom
  • MNG
  • Landcorp
  • BuildCert
  • Main Roads Western Australia
  • City of Newcastle
  • EuroRap
  • iRAP
  • John Holland
  • Lake Macquarie City
  • Aerometrex

Join the team pushing boundaries

Anditi are proud to be pushing the boundaries of technology to provide opportunities to our clients. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded people to join the team.

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