With instant access to real information, insurers can access location specific information for underwriting, accurately pricing premiums and assessing claims.

Virtually inspect properties, conduct virtual site assessments, and gain in-depth understanding the surrounding environment with high-resolution imagery and LiDAR all in one convenient location.

Virtual Property Assessments

  • Identify property boundaries and surrounding property information
  • Measure proximity to potential hazards
  • Assess property features such as roof materials, solar panels, fences, pools and trampolines
  • Annotate and export findings for reporting, assessing claims, reducing premiums

GIS Products for Advanced Assessments

  • Precise DEM/DTM for assessing flooding, pooling and landslide risks
  • Precise DSM for identifying and assess buildings at risk from tree fall and other hazards
  • Accurate 3D Point Clouds for Digital Twins
  • Extracted building footprints and roof planes
  • Solar Potential and Irradiance
  • Bushfire Analysis - Slope analysis, hazard proximity to buildings, vegetation density