Specialised Development,
Custom Built Solutions

Facing a specific challenge? With a wealth of LiDAR expertise, an end to end custom built analytics engine, and some of the brightest problem solving minds in Australia, we're uniquely equipped to solve your data analytics challenges.

Custom solutions

Since 2014, Anditi has delivered over 130 projects and spatial data solutions in over 28 Sectors.

While the challenges and clients have been different, our understanding of how to unlock insights with spatial data and solve real world problems is always the same.

Anditi has fixed terabytes of misaligned datasets captured in Central America, developed custom algorithms for spatial data analysis and created a new industry standards for endangered species analysis in Australia. Anditi has also developed code for extracting custom features in emerging markets like international road safety, built tailored risk requirements into our classification for 2000kms of rail corridor across NSW and developed a visual analysis tool to provide heavy vehicle swept path analysis in WA.

If your solution isn't working optimally for you, Anditi can help. We're excellent at solving big challenges!

Specialty Services

  • Custom built feature extraction services
  • Image processing
  • Change detection
  • Image pattern recognition
  • Full 3D point cloud processing (ground based and mobile LiDAR sources)
  • Malleefowl Mound detection
  • LiDAR collection planning advice (advice on appropriate point density, scanner to use, technologies to use, associated imagery to collect etc. for a specific client need)
  • Manual point cloud editing or correction
  • 3D adjustment and alignment of point cloud data