Asset Management

High resolution imagery, precise Digital Terrain Models and affordable Digital Twins are changing the game for asset management.

Asset Identification and Mapping

Asset location and attributes for initial assessment, on-going maintenance and asset health monitoring.

  • Powerlines
  • Roads
  • Rail Corridors
  • Bridges
  • Buildings

Design and Planning

Inspect, visualise and plan with precise 3D data and current high-resolution imagery.

  • Coloured LiDAR Point Clouds for visualising built environments
  • Digital Twin for Asset Lifecycle Management

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitor, plan and optimise maintenance with better spatial data.

  • Monitor change, assess and measure assets
  • Share exact asset locations with teams
  • Detail exact maintenance requirements


Generate more accurate risk reporting with tailored risk analysis and standardised outputs.

  • customised risk metrics
  • consistent, standard outputs for compliance
  • accurate spatial data for reporting

Data Visualisation

Visualise, combine, query, measure and annotate your spatial datasets using a web browser and intuitive interface. Easily done from your desk with no expertise required.