What's new dialog, better 3D map and bug fixes.

Introducing our newest feature, the what's new dialog, where you can find all the information about the portal and recent features added.

New Features 💡

What's new dialog?

The portal has become more and more develop and complicated and while more people start using the tool, we saw the necessity of have a place where we can post announces and information that can be interesting for our users.

3D Map 🌏

Our most recent addition to the portal has been new ways to use the tools in our portal.

Clipping selection using clicks ✂️

It is now possible to create a clipping selection in the 3D viewer by using the clipping tool and clicking two points. The previous method of clicking and dragging to select an area is still available however we feel this is new method is more intuitive and hopefully you will too!

Cancel clipping 🚫

You are now able to cancel a clipping selection. To do so, you can press the Esc key while the tool is selecting an area (either dragging or with two clicks clipping) and the selection will be cancelled.

Bug fixes 🐞

Measurements tools

  • When deleting a measurement the details dialog is now hidden.

  • User Management

  • Shows the correct error message when the user tries to unblock a user.
  • Shows the correct error message when the user creates a user and the limit has been reached.