National Roads and Traffic Expo 2019

Why did we attend?

Data capture is exploding, especially in the Roads & Traffic context with data being sourced from traditional survey, mobile and aerial LiDAR, aerial imagery and 360 degree imagery. In addition to the existing wealth of information from these sources, data capture is being extended through the use of GPS probes, IoT sensors and Connected Automated Vehicles.

This capture is being supported by a plethora of new low cost scanners and sensors that are coming onto the market and rapidly expanding data processing and analytics capability. This enables high resolution spatial data for roads to be fused with time based traffic information such as travel times, congestion, trip destination etc.

As a result the extent, frequency and sources of data capture are rapidly increasing as is the resolution, accuracy and fidelity of data that is available to support planning, development and management within the Roads & Traffic industry. Our collective challenge is how do we best utilise and extract the full richness and value that this data offers?

What did we learn?

After two days of sharing ideas and learning about different people’s experiences with data, a few things became clear; the challenge isn’t just in processing the data. Many of the people we spoke with had already captured data, or were unaware that the problems they were working around could be solved at all.

This is where Anditi is at it’s best; as an end-to-end solution provider, we work closely with our customers to understand where they are on the data journey, before delivering the most efficient solution for their use case. This week we spoke with countless people all interested in data analytics at some scale; local councils looking to identify trees, signage, kerbs and bus stops along roadsides; surveyors looking to quality check road assets and developments at scale; bus operators looking to identify access issues along routes, just to name a few.

How do we help?

From data pre-processing, to hosting, analysing, visualising and reporting; Anditi has consistently delivered in over 30 diverse market sectors. Our strength is in our ability to work collaboratively with our clients and solve challenges that matter most for them, and bring data to life with real world solutions.

If you’re interested in talking all things spatial, contact us!