Data Analytics: Saving Endangered Species

Over the last few years we’ve been assisting the National Malleefowl Recovery Group with advanced analytics to monitor and protect malleefowl, Australian endangered species. Finding malleefowl mounds was usually done by people walking in a line a few metres appart through the bush. Covering large tracts of land by this method is time consuming, expensive, and presents a range of WH&S issues.

Anditi’s patented solution is now heralded as the new industry standard for malleefowl mound detection. Instead of physically visiting large areas checking for mounds, we provide spatial data captured by remote sensors that automatically pinpoints them.

Volunteers can review that information from their desktop to target their monitoring and research. We are so proud that our analytics now powers field checking in a more targeted, cost effective way. It’s so much more accurate and safer for the volunteers. A win for this endangered species, their dedicated volunteers, and the conservation groups monitoring them.

“We have had 150 mounds marked in the Riverina thanks to your LiDAR. We really only knew of about 40 so was a great success!!!”

David Kellett (Riverina Local Land Services).

A win for Anditi, but also for the endangered species and the volunteers and conservation groups who monitoring them. We’re thrilled to constantly experience how data analytics can create more resourceful solutions, improve outcomes and create a more sustainable future.